Electronic Box for Harley-Davidson

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BlueBike is ideal for electrical system management,
robust from a mechanical and electronic point of view.

Completely waterproof and resistant to corrosive oils.
The power supply is protected against short circuit and accidental polarity reversal,
its outputs are protected against short circuit and overvoltage without shutting and resetting a problem solved.
Through BlueBike application available for Android and iOS you can configure various options such as the type
input (button or lever) for turns, high beam and auxiliary, with a simple touch and can change
The frequency of turns flashing, the inputs can be set individually as positive or negative.

Many other functions that combined together make the BlueBike unit adaptable to any type of electrical system and need.

With the BlueBike application you can test the actual operation of the inputs and outputs.

Through a simple trick in the wiring you can start the bike with your smartphone without the help of the keys, inputting a user-selected code.

Two distinct activation code give the assurance that the installer does not prejudice the user with wrong settings, the operation of the motorcycle itself.



12V power supply
Size 57 × 104 mm
Total maximum output current 30A
Maximum output current for each output 10A
8 Inputs
8 Outputs
Protection against short circuit and reverse polarity
outputs protected against short circuit, overvoltage and thermal protection
Total protection against water, oils etc. …



Turn Left (button or lever) _ + 12V or GND
Turn Right (button or lever) _ + 12V or GND
High Beam (button or lever) _ + 12V or GND
Claxon _ + 12V or GND
Start engine _ + 12V or GND
AUX 1 _ + 12V or GND
AUX 2 _ + 12V or GND
Security _ + 12V



Turn left
Turn right
high beam
Low beam
Start engine

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