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Air filter for Harley-Davidson – Tuono

359,00 399,00  VAT not included


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The Tuono air cleaner fits:

  • #000012N/NOP
    08-16 FLHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR, FL TRIKE, 16-17 FXDLS, 16-17 SOFTAILS, 14-15 FLSTNSE, 13-14 FXSBSE, 11-12 FLSTSE
  • #000013N/NOP
    *99-17 Carb or Delphi EFI (escl. 08-16 Touring / Trike, 16-17 Softail / 16-17 FXDLS / 11-12 FLSTSE / 14-15 FLSTNSE / 13-14 FXSBSE)
  • #000014N/NOP
    Softail MILWAUKEE8 (Excl. Touring)

Bolt-on. The included filter element is  ø129mm x 75mm.
The assembly kit is included.

The new D.I.F.® system permits to the vapors/oil to go directly inside the carburator or injection.
No more obstructed and dirty filters, no more oil sketches.

The Tuono air filter is billet, made from solid aluminum.

The quality of Rebuffini anodizing is widely recognized. 
The black color does not fade and does not change color over time even at high temperatures.

The real carbon front panel makes it even more appealing.
A great-looking product, simple but cared in details.

The filtering element of BMC filter uses (is made of)
multi-layer cotton fabric imbued in mineral oil with low viscosity,
inserted between two aluminium cross-linked structures.

Filtration is ensured by the combined effect of the mechanical stop of the fabric
and the adhesive action of the oil, which possesses the intrinsic property of retaining the smallest particles.
BMC air filters are designed to allow maximum air flow to the engine
and to enhance performance thanks to a more effective air/fuel combustion,
guaranteeing the filtration needed to protect the engine components.
The eco-friendly aspect is also worthy of mention:
BMC air filters can be regenerated by using the specific kit
and reused, with clear
advantages for both the user and the environment.

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*Twin Cam Delphi EFI 01-17 / Twin Cam Carb 99-06, Softail Milwaukee 8, 16-17 FXDLS/16-17 Softail


Black anodized, Matt black anodized



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